John Gottfurcht

John Gottfurcht

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John Gottfurcht is the Chairman Emeritus of SSI Investment Management, an institutional asset manager that seeks to deliver risk-adjusted returns while focusing on safety, consistency, and preservation of capital. He co-founded SSI in 1973, pioneering market neutral investment strategies. With more than 50 years of experience in portfolio management and the creation of innovative alternative investment products, John is recognized as one of the pioneers of the application of computer technology to investment management. He regularly speaks on the evolution of market-neutral and other hedged strategies, and is generally credited with being the “originator” of market-neutral investing.

  • John is the creator of SSI Investment Management’s Tactical Asset Allocation.

  • He is an adviser to the firm’s Board of Directors and Senior Management Team.

  • He is one of the earliest users of hedging techniques to reduce portfolio risk, and has managed portfolios on a hedge basis since 1969.