Gabriel Grego

Gabriel Grego

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Gabriel Grego is a Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager at Quintessential Capital Management, a long/short global equity fund based in New York City. He is a recognized expert in value investing, project financing, and deep, investigative-style due diligence. His specialty lies in detecting, investigating, shorting, and exposing public fraudulent or criminal corporations. Grego explains his job as a hunter of financial scammers and gives some tips on how savers can try to avoid falling into these traps.

  • Grego was born in Rome and lived in Italy after high school.
  • He had his military service in Israel as a volunteer in the paratrooper corps in a special brigade.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.


  • He accused Bio-On to be a “house of cards” and the new Parmalat.
  • He accused the directors of being responsible for "serious accounting irregularities" and of having inflated the turnover in a "fictitious" way.
  • The top management of Bio-On is under investigation for false accounting and market manipulation.