Gabriel Grego

Gabriel Grego

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Gabriel Grego is Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager at Quintessential Capital Management, a long/short global equity fund he founded in 2008. Under his leadership, QCM provides investors with exceptional returns leveraging on the principles of value and activist investing. Grego is an acclaimed investigative analyst and is well respected for his ability to expose frauds. He has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, and he is a recognized expert in value investing, project financing, and deep, investigative-style due diligence. His specialty lies in detecting, investigating, shorting, and exposing public fraudulent or criminal corporations. He explains his job as a hunter of financial scammers and gives some tips on how savers can try to avoid falling into these traps.



  • Some of his notable campaigns include American Addiction Centers, which went bankrupt and Folli Follie, which went bankrupt as well.

  • He accused Bio-On of being a “house of cards” and the new Parmalat. 

  • He accused Bio-On's directors of being responsible for "serious accounting irregularities" and of having inflated the turnover in a "fictitious" way. Bio-On ended in bankruptcy.