Edmund Ingham

Edmund Ingham

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Edmund Ingham writes about biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare stocks and shares investment tips around these industries. He works closely around Silicon Roundabout to cover the world's most exciting entrepreneurs and their companies. Ingham reports on trends and discusses strategies, as well as looking at what makes a truly great entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has worked across four industry sectors providing clients with data-driven, actionable insights, and advanced communications.

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  • Ingham is interested in what makes a successful entrepreneur tick, how they think about the world, how they run their businesses, and the cultures they create.
  • He reports on the big decisions made by them and their teams, and what impact this might have on the global or local business market
  • He is also the editor of, a blog focused on tech, start-ups, investment, and entrepreneurs with a particular focus on Silicon Roundabout.