Doug Petkanics

Doug Petkanics

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Doug Petkanics is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Livepeer, a decentralized video infrastructure protocol that has been live on the Ethereum network since 2018. He is an entrepreneur and software engineer passionate about addressing the challenges in blockchain and decentralization-focused technology as well as those involved in developing, leading, and scaling effective engineering organizations. He also focuses on protocol design, cryptoeconomic incentives, and scalability.


  • Petkanics earned a BSE degree from the University of Pennsylvania where he focused on research related to decentralized systems, including the BitTorrent protocol.
  • He started his career in 2004 as an Intern at AT&T Labs and Anzus.
  • He served as Founder and Vice President of Engineering at Hyperpublic and Wildcard, where he focused on architecting and building real-time data processing systems.
  • He authored the Livepeer protocol and MerkleMine distribution algorithms, both of which have been focused on designing incentives for wide and active participation in decentralized networks.


  • Data-focused architecture
  • Agile development (Ruby/Rails, Python)
  • Mobile development (iPhone, Android)
  • Enterprise web applications
  • Mission control software for the Department of Defense
  • Modifications to the BitTorrent protocol
  • Contributions to the original XQuery implementation