David Webb

David Webb

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1965 - present

David Webb is a famed Hong Kong activist investor, share market analyst, retired investment banker, and Founder of, a non-profit site promoting better corporate and economic governance in Hong Kong. Since 1998, David has published influential opinion pieces covering economic and corporate governance, finance, regulatory and political issues. The site also covers such issues as electoral reform, government intervention, tax and budget, competition and transparency, and fraud in individual listed companies. In addition, David is an outspoken critic of China’s authoritarian grip over coastal territory, and lobbies extensively for increased transparency and public accountability of directors of public companies as well as for the Government of Hong Kong. His opinions are widely read by regulators, investors, bankers, and lawyers in Hong Kong. Today, David focuses on nonprofit governance advocacy and research on Hong Kong markets, particularly smaller companies, several of which he holds substantial disclosed stakes.


  • Webb-site Report includes news, analysis and opinions on HK affairs, and Webb-site Who's Who, a database on HK organizations and people.

  • It also includes Webb-site Total Returns on all HK-listed stocks since 1994 and all directors and advisers of HK-listed companies since 1990, all free.

  • has over 25,000 subscribers to its free newsletter, a polling system and a Who's Who database of Hong Kong.


  • David was the author of books and games for early home computers, particularly the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

  • He authored the Pac Man type game Spookyman and went on to create the acclaimed 3D Vector graphics game Starion on the Spectrum.

  • He was a corporate finance director for BZW Asia Ltd, where he conducted equity issues and advisory mandates throughout Asia.

  • He was an adviser to the Wheelock and Wharf Group, a locally listed conglomerate in Hong Kong.

  • He was also the architect of the HAMS Proposal for a levy-funded, investor-elected body to catalyze shareholder activism and reforms.


  • David's activism is not purely restricted to the finance sector. He also covers all matters commercial and political.

  • In 2003, he launched Project VAMPIRE to oppose resolutions that allow for massive issues of shares for cash without offering them to existing shareholders.

  • He advocated widening the electorate of the functional constituencies, arguing that professionals in fields such as bankers and stockbrokers should get to elect their own representatives.

  • During the 2014 Hong Kong protests, he said that the economic impact of the protests was minor compared to the large economic benefits of a more dynamic economy.