Dave Krauthamer

Dave Krauthamer

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Dave Krauthamer is an information systems executive and an experienced CEO, CIO, CTO, CRO, CMO, and CSO. He is the Founder and CEO of QuSecure, a leader in post-quantum cybersecurity, and the Founder of Quantum Thought, a premier incubator for creating and commercializing quantum computing intellectual property, products, and companies. In addition, he is the Founder of Neural Sales, a cutting-edge platform that combines the most powerful and innovative technologies in AI. Throughout his career, Krauthamer has created and sold award-winning companies and taught university-level courses in information technology. Previously, he created a topnotch company called Intelenex, which became a leading partner in the transformation of corporate systems to the cloud. Under his leadership, Intelenex grew rapidly to over 300 customers and was recognized as one of the fastest growing service companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine.



  • Krauthamer has extensive experience in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, product innovation, marketing, sales, and M&A.

  • He has a broad background in the implementation of enterprise-wide systems.

  • He is passionate about helping companies create incredible products, amazing brands, powerful marketing stories, and high-performance sales teams.

  • He has been a key industry factor for the Wall Street Journal, Computer World and PC Week.


  • As CRO and CMO of Emtec, he was responsible for all go-to-market activities related to consulting practices which generate in excess of $100M in revenue.

  • As EVP, he had full P&L responsibility for 7 rapidly growing tech and digital transformation practices.

  • He was also responsible for high growth sales and marketing teams.


  • He was President and CEO of Intelenex, which was recognized as Oracle's Top Cloud ERP Sales Partner in 2015.

  • Under his leadership, Intelenex closed the year by selling 50% more Cloud ERP licenses than any other partner.

  • Intelenex was also acknowledged as being one of the fastest growing service companies in the country by Inc. Magazine ranking 364 out of the top 5000. 

  • Intelenex was sold to Emtec in 2015.