Curt Weeden

Curt Weeden

Formal First Name
2/18/1942 - present

Curt Weeden is the Founder and Co-Director of New Strategies within Business for Impact, a widely recognized national initiative that provides nonprofit executives with new ways to generate revenue for their organizations. He launched the program in 2011 and moved it to McDonough School of Business in 2015. A well-known management consultant, author, and speaker, Weeden speaks frequently to nonprofit and business audiences on philanthropy trends and how business-nonprofit alliances can generate social change while also addressing private sector interests.

Professional Experience


  • Whether at large annual meetings or closed-door executive retreats, his appearances consistently win the highest possible marks.
  • He mixes humor, personal experience, and data-based facts to map out ways nonprofits can generate more revenue.
  • He helps businesses get a stronger return on investment from their charitable donations.
  • He writes extensively about corporate philanthropy with articles and features appearing in BusinessWeek, USA Today, Miami Herald, and Los Angeles Times.