Cooper Turley

Cooper Turley

Formal First Name

Cooper Turley leads the Crypto Strategy for Audius, a decentralized music-sharing and streaming protocol facilitating direct relationships between artists and their fans. He leads the crypto community and tokenomics at Audius — the AUDIO governance token, stablecoin payments, and the standardization of social token for top creators. He also manages social tokens and curates NFTs alongside prominent musicians and motion designers. Cooper is an active contributor to Web3 publications like The Defiant and Bankless, and oversees a DeFi newsletter, This Week in DeFi. Cooper helped create Friends with Benefits, an exclusive, token-granted community on chat app Discord, where only people who own the FWB token can join the club.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • He works with blockchain projects to construct compelling narratives and create valuable products.

  • He works on a blueprint for musicians to create their own social tokens, mapping out token-permissioned features.

  • Helps clientes better engage with followers by distributing tokens to fans and curators driving the most value back to their brand.



  • He was a Managing Director for Fitzner Blockchain Consulting, where he helped crypto projects compete in the evolving market.



  • He is a Contributor for The Defiant, covering all things DeFi, NFTs and social tokens.

  • He is an Editor for DeFi Rate, leading This Week in DeFi for a trusted resource on DeFi.

  • He is an active contributor to DAOs like MetaCartel and Moloch.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.