Charles Guillemet

Charles Guillemet

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Charles Guillemet is Chief Technology Officer of Ledger, a world leader in critical digital asset security and utility. Under his engineering leadership, Ledger has become a world-leading security provider in Web3, safeguarding 20% of cryptocurrencies and 30% of NFTs globally. He is also responsible for overseeing software engineering, security research, product security, infrastructure, architecture and innovation at Ledger. Guillemet is a well-known figure in the crypto and blockchain security industry. Prior to joining Ledger in 2017, he spent 10 years in the cryptography and hardware security sector. He started his career at Tiempo, an innovative startup in the secure industry, where he designed EAL5+ secure integrated circuits. He then served as a Technical Manager in an Information Technology Security Evaluation Facility (ITSEF) at the CEA, the French Research Organization. He was also a Lecturer at the engineering school ENSIMAG where he taught Hardware Security focusing on Smart Cards technology.


  • His field of expertise includes cryptography, blockchain, software and software engineering.

  • His interests include decentralized protocols for Crypto: L1 Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, DAO, NFT and more recently L2.

  • He is also interested in advanced cryptography: Zero-Knowledge proof, SNARKs, MPC, TSS and more.