Bruno Pannetier

Bruno Pannetier

Formal First Name

Bruno Pannetier has more than 20 years of experience in creating investment solutions using financial techniques. He began his career at CIC in Paris where he set up and ran the New Product Development Group, and later on transferred to Bear Stearns as a Senior Managing Director, where he managed nearly USD$4 Bn for global institutional investors, before joining Macquarie Bank Limited in 2008 as a Division Director. Pannetier has won clients for his investment strategies in 25 countries, and continues to be dedicated to delivering durable, long-term returns to investors.

Professional Experience

  • As a financial entrepreneur, Bruno Pannetier has become very familiar with the technicalities of asset classes, the regulatory and accounting constraints, and the interactions with regulations.

  • Pannetier’s investment strategies at Bear Stearns were invested in by 93 institutional clients worldwide.

  • He has had direct management responsibilities for notional risk assets of nearly $34 billion in his career.

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