Bob Bodily

Bob Bodily

Formal First Name
Robert (Bob)

Bob Bodily is the Co-Founder and CEO of Toniq Labs, an NFT marketplace and internet computer blockchain launchpad, and Bioniq, a groundbreaking Ordinals wallet and marketplace on the internet computer. In his roles, he leads product strategy around non-fungible tokens, DAOs, and play-to-earn games for both entities. Bob is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with a background in educational technology, data science, and now, blockchain technology. He is researching open assessment platforms, learning analytics, data mining and educational dashboards. His interests also include Ethereum and DFINITY’s internet computer.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Bioniq offers a platform for conducting auctions using Bitcoin captions and provides tools for their creation, as well as a ready-to-use cross-chain wallet for exchanging between Bitcoin and ICP.

  • Bionic wants to hold the title of the world's fastest NFT marketplace, boasting unique features such as zero gas/network fees, 5-second finality, secure token wrapping, and an exceptional user experience—all built 100% on-chain.

  • One of Bioniq's significant supporters is Polychain Capital, a premier crypto venture firm that recently raised an impressive $200 million for its fourth fund in July 2023.


  • Bob is a data engineer with 100k+ lines of production Python code, and he has two previous software startups, including an EdTech SaaS that sold in 2021.

  • He is passionate about strategic vision for play-to-earn NFT games, NFT marketplace, and innovative NFT projects.

  • He was Director of Data Science and Research at Lumen Learning, where he supported the learning and marketing teams with analytic insights.

  • He was also a Data Scientist for MarketDial, where he conducted evidence-based research projects to improve the firm's statistical methods.