Ben Reynolds

Ben Reynolds

Formal First Name

Ben Reynolds is the Founder and CEO of Sure Dividend, a provider of dividend-focused investment research. Under his leadership, Sure Dividend helps individual investors build high-quality growth stock portfolios for rising passive income over the long run, looking for stocks with robust competitive advantages and companies trading at fair or better prices. Reynolds employs 8 quantitative approaches from many of the greatest investors of all time. Each rule has been academically tested and has historically improved long-term returns. He began as a fundamentals investor and has embraced and built his expertise around growth dividend stocks.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • He was President of Sales at Southern Worldwide Warehouse, where he managed Sales for the majority of Southern Worldwide's family of companies.

  • He was a marketing assistant at MPACT Sourcing, where he assisted in a mass marketing campaign and inventory management.


  • His work has been featured on numerous financial sites, including The Street, Forbes, and MSN Money, to name a few.