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nft now is a web3 digital media company that seeks to empower creators and their communities to share in the value they create. It provides next-generation news, features, curation, and analysis on how pioneering artists, collectors, and technologists are redefining the creative economy through NFTs, and how you can be a part of it.

Showcase Trailblazers

Pioneers are shaping the market on a daily basis through community, technology, and art. nft now works to uplift and amplify their contributions through storytelling and content creation and distribution.

Empower Creators and Collectors

The NFT space can be overwhelming and intimidating to creators and collectors alike. nft now helps simplify the market into actionable strategies you can leverage to succeed.

Foster Community

Community is the foundation of all that we do. nft now aims to build a diverse and supportive community that becomes a rising tide for all ships.