Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers

Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers is a leading asset manager that provides investors with capital preservation, consistent returns, moderate volatility, and low correlation while maintaining a diverse and liquid portfolio. Its funds provide clients with the potential for stable returns with low correlation to broader asset classes. Strategies offer steady, persistent, and highly attractive risk-adjusted returns, and are available to institutional, insurance, reinsurance, and retail investors.

Low Correlation

Weiss' flagship fund strives to generate attractive uncorrelated performance to broad asset classes through a variety of market conditions.

Risk Weighting

Balancing risk at the fund and manager level is instrumental to Weiss' process.


With low correlation to broad asset classes, Weiss' funds have the potential to act as true portfolio diversified.


Daily positions are monitored to optimize liquidity. Weiss views liquidity as paramount to effective risk management.

Stable Volatility

A focus on capital preservation seeks to help Weiss' investors minimize drawdowns to more effectively compound returns in their portfolio.