Founding Date

WAGMI Games is a mobile crypto-gaming franchise focusing on mass adoption. The franchise combines rare high-fidelity graphic games, sustainable in-game economies and vibrant communities to create the first of its kind hybrid experience. It aims to bridge the gap between traditional and casual gamers and Web3 elements through competitive wagering and in-game assets in the form of NFTs. It also offers collectibles such as the Genesis NFT, a utility-based collection currently tradable on OpenSea and Rarible, and Comics, the franchise's lore featured on a series of original NiFe WARS comic book NFT drops. WAGMI Games is focused on the lore and story of the game — each character has a backstory and has overcome many obstacles in their lives; further enhancing the WAGMI mantra, “We’re All Gonna Make It.”


  • The world's first fiat to digital collectibles gaming app.

  • A mobile tower defense game, it is a fast-paced, 3-minute game loop mobile app where the first player to destroy the opponent's tower wins.

  • It is powered by Immutable. 100% gas-less & carbon-neutral minting of in-game assets (NFTs).