Vanguard Growth ETF

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Vanguard Growth ETF is linked to the MSCI US Prime Market Growth Index, which offers exposure to large-cap companies within the growth sector of the U.S. equity market. VUG measures the investment return of large-capitalization growth stocks and employs a passive management, investment approach designed to track the designated index. The index consists of over 400 holdings and exposure is tilted most heavily towards technology, while industrials, health care, and consumer goods receive equal weightings. Vanguard Growth ETFs paper-thin expense ratio, broad market-cap weighted portfolio, and low turnover make it one the best large-growth funds available.

  • Vanguard Growth ETF employs an indexing investment approach designed to track a broadly diversified index predominantly made up of stocks of large US companies.

  • Provides a convenient way to match the performance of many of the nation’s largest growth stocks.

  • A non-diversified fund, it invests all, or substantially all, of its assets in the stocks that make up the index.


  • Apple Inc AAPL                                                         10.14

  • Microsoft Corporation MSFT                                         9.60

  • Amazon.com Inc. AMZN                                                           7.21

  • Facebook Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A FB         3.38

  • Alphabet Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A GOOGL                   3.32

  • Alphabet Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class C GOOG                 3.12

  • Tesla Inc TSLA                                                                 2.80

  • Visa Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class A V                                   1.90

  • NVIDIA Corp NVDA                                                         1.76

  • Mastercard Incorporated - Ordinary Shares - Class A MA 1.72

(As of Feb. 28, 2021)