Van Tharp Institute

Founding Date

Van Tharp Institute is dedicated to providing high-quality educational products and services for traders and investors around the globe. It has excellent educational and training programs designed for both beginning and advanced traders and investors. The Institute specializes is in the area of finance, helping clients to overcome self-sabotage and develop rock-solid discipline in their market performance.


  • How To Develop Winning Trading Systems That Fit You Workshop
  • Peak Performance 101 Streaming Workshop
  • Futures Trading Systems Workshop
  • Futures Live Trading Workshop - 2 Days of Live Trading and 1 day of Crypto Training
  • Peak Performance 204 - Modeling Great Trading Through Mental Strategies
  • Blueprint for Trading Success
  • Bear Market Strategies VOD Workshop
  • Peak Performance 202: The Trader Reinvention Workshop
  • Peak Performance 203 Avoiding Self-Sabotage by Following Your Bliss
  • Trading Genius II: The Holy Grail - Systems Thinking and Beyond
  • How Big Money Trades: A Key Aspect of Systems Thinking
  • Infinite Wealth Workshop
  • Crisis to Success and Happiness
  • Hybrid Trading System Workshop and Home Study
  • From Crisis To Success and Happiness Workshop
  • Forex Trading Systems
  • Forex: 2 Days of Live Trading and 1 day of Crypto Training¬†
  • Sideways Market Strategies
  • Consciousness Awakening Workshop
  • Super Trader Exclusive Events