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Valens Research is a global investment services firm that encompasses several unique investment research and services boutiques with equity, credit, and macroeconomic expertise. With philanthropy and community well-being as core tenets of the firm, Valens Research is committed to corporate social responsibility and charitable works as a raison d’etre for our existence. The firm offers solutions ranging from newsletters to full institutional support for integrating Uniform Accounting data in your research process. They specialize in macroeconomic research, fixed income idea generation, and long/short lists to help asset managers generate alpha for clients.

  • Valens Research’s various boutique services firms include Valens Equities, Valens Credit, and Valens Associates.

  • The firm applies over 130 individual adjustments, cleaning up distortions related to R&D, Operating Leases, Stock Options, Excess Cash, M&A PP&E and Earnings, Goodwill, etc.

  • They rip apart the financial statements of over 25,000+ companies globally, line by line, to uncover GAAP and IFRS distortions using UAFRS principles.

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