Ulysses Management

Ulysses Management is a diversified investment firm that utilizes a range of investment strategies in pursuit of superior investment results over the long term. It invests in profitable, well-established companies with tangible competitive advantages across a broad range of industries and geographies. Ulysses structures its private equity investments based on each company’s circumstances.


  • Size of Investment: Up to $50 million equity investment, with the willingness to co-invest in partnership with other like-minded investors for larger transactions
  • Size of Target Company: > $10 million of EBITDA for platforms, no minimum for add-ons
  • Control: Highly preferred
  • Investment Stage: Primarily profitable, established businesses
  • Transaction Types: LBOs, recapitalizations, growth equity, acquisitions, and public equities
  • Typical Hold Period: Long term (3-15 years)
  • Geography: Primarily United States