Totem Macro

Totem Macro is a provider of research strategy for the world's preeminent hedge funds and investment firms. Totem offers macro-strategy research focusing on global emerging markets, blending emerging market macro-to-micro understanding with salient global drivers. The firm leverages their buy-side experience across each verticals, and their trades span all of emerging markets across all assets, with particular relevance for global macro, fixed income and equities strategies. Totem provides bespoke coverage of particular markets, targeted market and thematic questions, independent project-level input, and portfolio analytics and asset allocation.


  • Global/Macro: Global Currents + Local Idiosyncrasy

  • Macro/Micro: Macroeconomic + Sector + Asset Level Factors

  • Discretionary/Systematic: Conditions today + Through-time Drivers

  • Flows/Fundamentals: Players' Actions + Pricing vs. Expectations