Thornburg Investment Management

Thornburg Investment Management is a global investment firm that provides a range of active investment strategies to retail and institutional investors. It is a recognized leader in fixed income, equity, and alternatives investing that oversees mutual funds, institutional accounts, separate accounts for high-net-worth investors, and UCITS funds for non-U.S. investors. The company takes a disciplined approach to portfolio construction, guided more by convictions than convention.


Mutual Funds

Thornburg offers a select number of investment strategies designed to serve a well-diversified investor portfolio.

Separately Managed Accounts

Thornburg provides a series of strategies for high net-worth individuals and institutions.

Institutional Strategies

Thornburg offers a series of separately managed accounts and commingled funds for institutional investors.


Funds available as Ireland-domiciled investment funds for qualified non-U.S. investors.

Assets under management: $46 billion (as of March 2021)