The Presidents Working Group on Financial Markets

The Working Group
Founding Date

According to Executive Order 12631, signed in March of 1988, The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, also known as The Working Group, is founded by former president Ronald Reagan. The Working Group was created to perform three clear jobs: identify and consider what had caused the 1987 financial crash, and work out which actions needed to be carried out; “consult, as appropriate, with representatives of various exchanges, clearinghouses” on behalf of the government to figure out what the private sector could do to help; and report back to the president within 60 days, “and periodically thereafter. The committee is chaired by the Treasury secretary, and includes the Federal Reserve chair and the heads of the Securities & Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or their designees.

What Has the PPT Been Called?

  • Called by Steve Munchin in December 2018 after a large market selloff