The Anchor House

Founding Date

The Anchor House is an investment advisory firm specializing in unique situations. It has been focused on researching the rare earth element sector since 2006. The firm performs in-depth research to better understand the REE sector, visits key sites and facilities around the world, meets with market players, and conducts work in the REE mineral processing laboratory. It also attends industry conferences and reviews REE literature.



The Anchor House constantly researches the rare earth market. Site visits, interviews, conferences, and literature reviews are all critical to grasping the proper context for each given topic.


Each client has a different knowledge base and approach to the REE market. The Anchor House enhances client understanding and attempts to provide clarity in this opaque market.

Due Diligence

Pulling good data and information from the perplexing global rare earth supply chain is how The Anchor House helps clients make informed decisions. It reviews materials and performs site visits.


Process Engineer has over 20 years of hands-on experience in what it takes to process rare earth elements.


The Anchor House laboratory is calibrated specifically for REE analytical work.

Speaking and Engagements

The Anchor House organizes workshops, round tables, and seminars. These can be custom-designed to meet client needs.