Swan Global Investments

Swan Global Investments is a global leader in hedged and options strategies. It offers the innovative Defined Risk Strategy, a time-tested investment approach that seeks consistent long-term returns by combining the benefits of passive investing with active risk management. The strategy is available across a range of asset classes and investment structures, including ETFs, mutual funds, separately managed accounts, multi-asset models, and custom portfolio overlays.


Hedged Equity Mutual Funds

The Defined Risk Suite of Funds seeks to address common investor concerns such as protecting capital and consistent returns over market cycles.

Hedged Equity ETFs

The Swan Hedged Equity ETFs combine distinct blend of passive investing and active risk management, all in one ETF.

Separately Managed Accounts

The Swan SMAs offer qualified investors the opportunity to invest in the Defined Risk headed equity strategy across a range of asset classes. 

Asset under management: $2.3 billion (as of March 31, 2021)