Project Drawdown

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Project Drawdown is the world's leading resource for climate solutions. The organization identifies, reviews, and analyzes the most viable solutions to climate change, and shares these findings with the world to describe their beneficial financial, social and environmental impact. Drawdown creates compelling human-centered communications across mediums and partners with efforts to accelerate climate solutions globally. They advance effective, science-based climate solutions and strategies, fostering bold, new climate leadership.


  • Drawdown Labs - Works to advance the next level of business leadership on climate solutions.

  • Drawdown Lift - Links climate change solutions, health, and improves human wellbeing, particularly in emerging economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

  • Drawdown Science - Develops and disseminates Science based strategies for accelerating adoption of climate solutions.

  • Drawdown Stories - Identifies and produces multimedia stories as a bridge between the science and solutions of Project Drawdown.