Poseidon Asset Management

Poseidon Asset Management is the pioneer hedge fund primarily focused on investing in the cannabis industry. The company’s business model is designed to identify attractive opportunities and take advantage of market dislocations for the sole benefit of its clients. It is focused on a diversified strategy covering a broad range of company stages and industry subsectors across the capital spectrum.


Poseidon Fund One

The fund has invested in over 100 rounds, with a range of debt to preferred equity. It covers the industry from tech solutions to vertically integrated operators to industrial hemp processing.

Poseidon Fund Two

Fund Two is a venture capital Fund focused on Series A and later companies. It targets investments in 12 to 15 companies in the United States.

Poseidon Fund Three

The Garden Fund is a post-seed venture capital Fund that primarily focuses on the United States with select global opportunities. It targets investments in 10 and 20 companies.