Founding Date

Polymesh Network is an institutional-grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. It is a highly secure and regulatory-focused blockchain platform designed specifically for the financial services industry. The leader in public-permissioned blockchain, Polymesh’s specificity gives the chain—and the applications built on top—an advantage over general-purpose blockchains. It streamlines antiquated processes and opens the door to new financial instruments by solving regulatory challenges with public infrastructure around identity, compliance, confidentiality, governance, and settlement.


  • Polymesh was built to incorporate governance, identity, compliance, confidentiality, and deterministic finality into the chain’s core.

  • Polymesh is a public, permissioned blockchain that requires all participants– whether issuers, investors, node operators or stakers– to first become verified with a customer due diligence provider.

  • Use Polymesh to create, issue, and manage security tokens, or participate in on–chain processes like governance and staking.

  • POLYX is the native protocol token for Polymesh and the blockchain’s fuel. It enables the creation and management of security tokens.

  • Polymesh uses a nominated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism where economic incentives drive node operators and stakers to work together to guide the evolution of the chain.


  • Governance. 

Uses an industry-led governance model to prevent hard forks and guide the evolution of the chain.

  • Identity. 

Uses a customer due diligence process to ensure all actors on the chain are verified and all transactions are authored by permissioned entities.

  • Compliance. 

Solutions built on top of general purpose blockchains struggle with processing the complex logic needed to comply with regulations.

  • Confidentiality. 

Polymesh has engineered a secure asset management protocol that enables confidential asset issuance and transfers.

  • Settlement. 

Polymesh is able to provide a simplified approach to transfers that provides instant settlement without prefunding, prevents unwanted airdrops through trade affirmation, and can offer deterministic finality.