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PairedWorld is a global movement that redefines human connection in the digital age. As the first and only protocol purposely built to authenticate and reward human interactions in the real world, PairedWorld is bridging blockchain technology with real-world interactions to elevate the Web3 landscape. The platform offers a unique ecosystem that combines on-chain and real-life experiences, empowering and rewarding individuals to create meaningful relationships, foster personal growth, and combat the global loneliness epidemic. Today, PairedWorld is committed to revolutionizing the way we connect and interact in the modern world.


  • PairedWorld is a global alliance of top experts and academics in neuroscience, psychology, blockchain, and behavioral economics.

  • PairedWorld motivates in-real-life engagement by leveraging emerging technology to spark action and incentivise human connection.

  • The platform harnesses technological advancements and science-backed principles to motivate in-person engagement and create deeper bonds among individuals.

  • The platform is setting a new standard for SocialFi and DeSoc by encouraging face-to-face interactions within a digital framework.

  • PairedWorld is revolutionizing real-world interactions through blockchain technology, merging digital and physical experiences to address societal issues like digital addiction and promote enriched community engagement. 


  • Versatile Infrastructure. 

PairedWorld's protocol supports a diverse range of applications designed to enhance human connectivity and social well-being in the physical world.

  • Privacy-Preserving Framework. 

The protocol ensures that all real-world social interactions remain secure and private, safeguarding user information at every step.

  • Verified and Rewarded Real-Life Interactions. 

The PairedWorld protocol not only verifies real-life interactions but also rewards them, ensuring every connection is meaningful and fully authenticated on the blockchain.