Open Door Capital

Founding Date

Open Door Capital is a private, vertically integrated, and well capitalized real estate investment firm that helps clients achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition of value-add multifamily real estate nationwide. The firm primarily focuses on the acquisition of mobile home communities, apartment complexes, and self storage facilities, aiming to provide affordable housing while maximizing returns for investors.  ODC was founded by Brandon Turner. Brandon is a best selling real estate author with over 1 million copies sold, former host of the BiggerPockets podcast with over 100 million downloads, and leading educator in the real estate investment space.


  • ODC has provided over 2000 investors with 20+ diverse offerings with successful management and no capital calls to date.

  • The ODC team has over 100+ years of combined experience in

  • real estate investments.


  • Purchase. 

ODC purchases mobile home communities, apartments, and self storage facilities with a very specific set of criteria. They focus on cash flow for investors.

  • Manage. 

ODC has in-house management – with over 100+ years of combined experience – working efficiently to increase income and decrease expenses while providing exceptional affordable housing for residents.

  • Distribute. 

ODC processes regular distributions — typically either monthly or quarterly depending on the offering.


  • Mobile Home Communities. 

Mobile home communities are a recession resistant asset class providing strong and reliable cash flow even in the face of a potential market correction.

  • Apartments. 

Apartments boast a dependable income stream while providing multiple opportunities for forced appreciation, making them ideal CashGrowth™ properties.

  • Self Storage. 

The self storage industry offers several advantages and opportunities for investment. It has demonstrated consistent growth and resilience, outperforming other real estate sectors in terms of average annual returns over the past 25 years.