O'Neil Risk Consulting & Algorithmic Auditing

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ORCAA is an industry-leading consultancy firm that helps companies and organizations manage and audit algorithmic risks. It employs an inclusive approach that aims to address concerns from all the stakeholders in an algorithm, not just those who built or deployed it. ORCAA goes beyond traditional accuracy metrics to ask how the algorithm is used to make decisions, and who is affected.


Algorithmic audit 

ORCAA works with an organization to audit the use of a particular algorithm in context, identifying issues of fairness, bias, and discrimination and recommending steps for remediation. Extensions of the basic audit include:

  • Assistance with remediation of fairness issues identified
  • Developing strategic communications about the audit and findings
  • Public-facing Certification for fairness (where applicable)

Expert witness work 

ORCAA assists public agencies and law firms in legal actions related to algorithmic discrimination and harm. 

Bespoke consulting 

ORCAA helps organizations prepare for the age of algorithms by:

  • Creating strategies and processes to operationalize fairness as they develop and/or incorporate algorithmic tools in their operations
  • Working with industry regulators to translate fairness laws and rules into specific standards for algorithm builders


ORCAA gives talks and training on algorithmic auditing and fairness.