Northern Trust Asset Management

Northern Trust Asset Management is a global investment management firm that combines robust capital markets research, expert portfolio construction, and comprehensive risk management to craft innovative and efficient solutions that deliver targeted investment outcomes. Its time-tested asset allocation and portfolio construction expertise ensure every investment is efficiently managed, empirically driven, and integrates the purposeful application of risk.



The company's equity strategies target diverse regions, market capitalization, and investor outcomes. This disciplined investment approach matches investors’ strategic goals with the appropriate level of risk across all products and solutions.

Fixed Income

Active fixed income investing that focuses on preservation of capital and income generation, for taxable and tax-exempt investors. It seeks to add value across interest rate duration, yield curve, sector allocation, security selection, country, and currency strategies. 


Strategies focus on high credit quality securities, structured in an effort to preserve principal, provide liquidity and generate a competitive return. Strategies are available in multiple vehicles and custom solutions for institutional and individual investors, utilizing both taxable and tax-exempt securities.

Multi-Asset Stratgies

Multi-asset strategies are constructed with multiple asset classes and designed to meet target returns or achieve investor outcomes. It can deliver these solutions as total or completion portfolios in scalable vehicles, model portfolios, or bespoke solutions.

Assets under management: $1.1 trillion (as of December 31, 2020)