New River Investments

Founding Date

Founded in 2011, New River Investments aims to provide better and more transparent investment management services to its clients. Since then, NRI has been helping investors manage their investments and plan for their financial future. Through the combined expertise of multiple investment advisor representatives, NRI seeks to offer a broad range of investment management services designed to meet a variety of financial goals and work solely on a fully-transparent fee-only structure.

  • New River Investments, Inc. is a registered investment advisor serving individuals, trusts, retirement plans, and other institutions.

  • In contrast to the brokerage industry, the vast majority of New River Investments’ liquid net worth is invested alongside their investors.

  • After years spent working with traditional Broker-Dealers, the founding members came to recognize a transparent fee-only compensation model as the path of the future for the investment industry due to the surplus of intermediaries, complexity, conflicts of interest, cost opacity and regulatory burdens in the traditional brokerage industry.