Lyxor Asset Management

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Lyxor Asset Management is an asset management company specializing in all investment styles—active, passive, or alternative. From ETFs to multi-management, it offers innovative investment management solutions to address the long-term challenges of sustainable investments, particularly in the fight against climate change. Each investment solution is specifically tailored to meet the challenges of a changing environment.


Fiduciary Solutions

Through eleven modules available individually or in combination, Lyxor's expertise delivers a flexible, high-performance fiduciary management solution spanning the full investment value chain, from asset allocation to fund selection and management. Optimized processes and significant economies of scale can help cut operating costs by up to 40%.

Liquidity Management

Lyxor has developed an innovative strategy to help them optimize the risk/return profile of these liquidity reserves. This strategy has proved appealing not only to banks but also to a growing number of fixed-income investors

Sustainable Investment

Lyxor addresses the challenges of climate change and the growing demand for responsible investments. It provides clients with a full suite of ESG-themed solutions as well as ESG and carbon footprint metrics, allowing investors to dynamically manage their portfolios based on these criteria while meeting the demands of end investors, stakeholders and regulators.

Assets under management and advisory: US$194.7 billion (as of January 2021)