Longview Economics

Founding Date

Longview Economics is an independent advisory firm that delivers rigorous market analysis, simplifies complex macro trends, and brings lucid trading and investment advice to professional and private investors across the globe. It specializes in macro analysis, investment strategy, thematic and commodity research. Longview's market analysis and research have established an impressive track record of consistent alpha over the last 10 years.


ShortView Trading

Longview makes short, medium, and long term trading recommendations on a wide range of assets, including equities, currencies, commodities, and rates, among others.

Longview Asset Allocation & Fundamentals Analysis

Longview's investment recommendations cover Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation. Analysis reports give its clients in-depth analysis of the key issues and themes facing the global economy.

Longview on Friday

Longview on Friday is the most comprehensive weekly economic, investment, and trading strategy report used by some of the world's biggest institutional investors and major hedge funds.