Lampe, Conway & Co. LLC

Lampe, Conway & Co is a value-oriented investment firm that targets distressed and special situations of lower middle-market public and private companies in North America. Its investment approach relies upon extensive due diligence and aggressive portfolio management to capture value in the securities of troubled companies. The firm performs a rigorous, bottom-up financial analysis to understand all elements of the security’s current and potential value.


  • Analyze and minimize investment risk; protect principal at all cost.
  • Limit fund size
  • Focus on an inefficient market segment where there is little or no independent research coverage
  • Buy cheaply based on a thorough appreciation of intrinsic asset or cash flow values
  • Target uncrowded opportunities with less competition and attractive risk-return spreads
  • Invest across the capital structure
  • Focus on publicly traded securities where outcomes can be influenced by non-control stakes
  • Opportunistically call and manage capital as target market expands