Kingston University

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Kingston University is a vibrant, modern, and diverse university that is consistently ranked as one of the top higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. The university offers a host of public lectures, exhibitions, and performances, and opens its sports and health facilities to local residents and businesses. With an annual budget of around £203 million, Kingston is one of the town’s biggest employers, adding £500 million to the local economy each year.

  • Kingston first opened as Kingston Technical Institute in 1899, offering a wide range of courses for its students such as dressmaking, clay modeling, and electric wiring.
  • The University prides itself on its sustainable development and ranks near the top of the People and Planet’s Green League Table.
  • It is home to five faculties and four campuses: Penrhyn Road (the center of student activity), Kingston Hill (set in landscaped gardens), Knights Park (home to a riverside setting), and Roehampton Vale (modern and within close proximity to Richmond Park). All of these campuses are connected by the university’s free inter-site bus service.