Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale Capital Management is a private investment management firm that focuses on long-term value and special situations investments. The firm makes value-oriented investments in public securities. Best known for short selling and publishing research, Kerrisdale shares its views on stocks, such as under-followed longs and overhyped shorts, that are misunderstood by the market.

  • Kerrisdale Capital Management has followed a spectacular growth trajectory. It has grown assets from $1 million in 2009 to $300 million in late 2014 and has done this without the help of any seeder. 
  • Kerrisdale funds have returned 821.50% net to investors since its inception in 2009, an annualized return of 88.34%.
  • The firm is one of the leading proponents of the emerging soft activism investing approach, which attempts to create catalysts by sharing investment ideas with the broader investment community.
  • Kerrisdale publishes its research through its own website as well as third party websites such as Seeking Alpha, and the firm views the sharing of investment ideas as a form of activism to help increase awareness of misunderstood or under-followed investment situations.