Horizons ETFs

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Horizons ETFs is an innovative financial services firm that offers one of the largest suites of exchange-traded funds in Canada. Company products include a highly diversified range of solutions for investors of all experience levels to meet their investment objectives in an array of market conditions.



Active ETFs combine active portfolio management within the ETF structure and seek to generate better risk-adjusted returns than index ETFs. It trades like stocks, providing the intra-day liquidity that regular mutual funds lack. 


Offered in a range of asset classes: equities, fixed income, currencies, and alternatives. Horizons' family of passively managed ETFs uses innovative strategies designed to optimally track indices.


BetaPro ETFs are designed for tactical and market savvy investors in a range of asset classes, and include leveraged, inverse and inverse leveraged ETFs. These investments can be volatile as they provide daily performance investment results that correspond to one times the inverse of their specified underlying index or benchmark; two times the daily performance, or two times the inverse of the daily performance of their specified underlying index or benchmark; or track the performance of market volatility