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Glassnode is the industry's leading blockchain data and intelligence platform that provides on-chain and financial metrics, charts, data, and insights for Bitcoin, Ethereum and digital assets. Bringing data intelligence to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Glassnode builds applications that provide new ways of delivering insights into blockchains and cryptocurrencies by focusing on the most important input source in the space: data from the blockchains themselves. Glassnode analyzes blockchain data and distills information, providing market intelligence based on transactional data with emphasis on user-centric interfaces.


  • Glassnode equips investors with the tools to confidently navigate the industry, helping them make education decisions on a volatile market.

  • Their data and insights are trusted by the world's leading investors, hedge funds, banks, asset managers, and crypto companies.

  • Their API and charting suite provides reliable and accurate data for exchange balances, derivative markets, and on-chain transactions.