Fundstrat Global Advisors

Fundstrat Global Advisors is an independent equity research firm that combines top-down strategy and bottom-up fundamental views to develop a roadmap of practical investment insights for clients. The firm stands as a premier research boutique dedicated to supporting a diverse clientele, including institutional investors, wealth advisors, pension funds, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. Fundstrat offers innovative, unbiased intelligence for a fresh perspective, providing strategic market insights rooted in emotion-free, evidence-based research by a team with more than a century of Wall Street experience.


  • FundStrat provides timely and insightful analysis of the US equity market which includes market & sector direction and appropriate stock ideas. 

  • The firm aims to help investors benefit from their daily research via practical, actionable ideas to help you build an effective portfolio roadmap.

  • They monitor key market events and data and compress all this into an easy-to-read letter that will help you understand market moves. 


Fundstrat combines their five-pillar research strategy— Macro, Technical, Portfolio, Quantamental, and Digital Assets—to cater to diverse financial entities.

Fundstrat's real-time dispatches keep you informed, deciphering critical market movements and events, so you're never left in the lurch.

  • Media. 

Their media offerings, enriched by webinars with industry frontrunners and visionary forecasters, are designed to empower you with an advantaged perspective.

  • Client Calls & Q&As. 

Client sessions that are designed as in-depth discussions of the firm's views and findings, allowing clients to align their research with their unique strategies and targets.

  • Sector Analysis. 

At the intersection of macro strategies, ETF themes, and incisive technical analysis, Fundstrat's proprietary sector model stands tall.

  • Actionable Ideas. 

Rooted in real-time market dynamics and overarching themes, Fundstrat's suggestions are your strategic edge.


They monitor key market events and data to help your firm outperform the market.

  • Technical Strategy. 

They provide in-depth analysis and context on the technical forces impacting markets.

Their quantitative approach aids in risk management, portfolio optimization, and alpha generation.

They use insights from analyzing this emerging asset class with a diverse range of existing market experience to create actionable recommendations.