Farmsent is a blockchain platform that empowers farms and buyers by enabling a direct supply of goods to customers. A trailblazer in agricultural blockchain technology, the decentralized marketplace offers farmers access to a wide network of distributors, ensuring transparent tracking and verification of product origin and quality.  With Farmsent, farmers can access a range of tools and features to help manage their sales cycle without the need to engage with various parties. By handling supply chain logistics, quality assurance, and secure payment processing, the platform allows farmers to focus solely on their expertise: Farming.


  • Farmsent is at the forefront of transforming the agricultural supply chain with its innovative blockchain technology.

  • The decentralized marketplace records every step of the process, ensuring secure transactions, improving food safety and transparency.

  • Farmsent's platform provides a marketplace for farmers to connect with buyers and sell their produce directly, cutting out intermediaries and ensuring farmers receive a fair price for their crops. 

  • The platform enables buyers to easily access information on the origin and quality of the product, ensuring trust and transparency in the supply chain.


  • Decentralized Marketplace. 

Farmsent facilitates a B2B marketplace for farmers to sell their products directly to wholesalers, eliminating intermediaries.

  • Focus on Small Farmers. 

The platform prioritizes supporting small farmers by providing them with a fair and transparent trading environment.

Farmsent aims to contribute to global food security by streamlining the food trade process.