Edgbaston Investment Partners

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Edgbaston Investment Partners is a leading investment management company specializing in Asia Pacific ex-Japan equity investments. It primarily aims to deliver a world-class Investment Program by compounding good returns whilst maintaining a long-term perspective. This Investment Program is one of a few value-focused, long-only strategies investing across a broad range of market capitalizations in the developed, emerging and frontier markets in the region.


1. Screening

The screening process starts with a universe of over 6,000 companies with market capitalizations greater than US$100 million. Companies are ranked on the following three equally-weighted factors: P/B, P/E, and DY. Based on these factors, companies in the cheapest quartile may be deemed attractive candidates for further research.

2. Research

the investment team produces individual company reports which include an analysis of industry position, regulatory issues, management track record, corporate governance, growth opportunities, and the company’s financial situation. Historical financial statements are checked and restated with particular emphasis on cash flow. Travel to the region and company interviews are integral to the research process.

3. Portfolio Implementation

The Edgbaston Portfolio is constructed on a bottom-up basis. The Portfolio is typically invested in 60 to 80 companies diversified across a range of countries, industries and market capitalization. The Portfolio’s country and sector weights are a by-product of the stock selection process.