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Decrypt Media covers relevant news from business, politics, art, culture, technology, and education. It is composed of professional journalists, with a sophisticated perspective to bring transparency and accountability to the space. Whether it's trust-less networks, privacy coins, or oracles, Decrypt delivers original coverage of the biggest stories, insightful profiles on the industry’s movers and shakers as well as engaging educational content to present the full picture.


1. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

The technology underpinning Web3 and the decentralized internet gets harder to understand every day. Decrypt's mission is to fight against making things needlessly complicated.

2. Focus on storytelling.

Decrypt only tell stories that are important to readers. Those stories need to engage readers, have a compelling narrative, increase their understanding of the decentralized web, and above all, help them make better decisions.

3. Tell the truth.

As Decrypt follows the story of what’s driving the evolution of the decentralized web, it intends to be skeptical and clear-eyed. It knows full well that even the best-intentioned technologies can be misused. Decrypt wants to celebrate the things that are working while sounding the alarm about scams, frauds, and bad technology.

4. Use Web3 to cover Web3.

Decrypt intends to use Web3 technologies as part of its daily work, whether that’s using dapps, building decentralized functionality into the site, or using new networks to help tell stories.