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CQS is an active multi-strategy asset manager specializing in the credit spectrum, including corporate credit, structured credit, asset-backed securities, convertibles, and loans. The fund’s approach focuses on fundamental analysis to identify absolute and relative value across corporate capital structures and asset classes. This fundamental research is combined with active investment management to create value for investors.


Directional Opportunities

The approach is focused on identifying themes and harvesting mispricings across global asset markets, utilizing an investment team that is experienced in assessing complexity across the capital structure.

Credit Multi-Asset

The approach is based on agile asset allocation, investing predominantly across senior secured loans, high yield and investment-grade corporate credit, asset-backed securities, and convertible bonds.

Diversified Multi-Strategy

Allocations are dynamically managed on a monthly basis to achieve a dispersion of correlations between the underlying strategies.

Asset-Backed Securities

Global asset-backed securities strategy focusing on exploiting inefficiencies in the pricing of credit and related risks across the spectrum of ABS markets.

Total Return Credit

A liquid multi-sector credit solution that combines bottom-up fundamental research and top-down asset allocation with a tactical overlay. 

Global Convertible Fund (UCITS)

An active strategy that targets attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in globally diversified portfolios of convertible securities.

Convertible Arbitrage

Global mandates focusing on a range of convertible arbitrage strategies which seek to capture value and exploit pricing discrepancies. 

Asian Macro

The strategy is contrarian, value-orientated and research-driven, investing in liquid, easily-valued instruments in the equity, commodity, currency, and rates markets.


The strategy takes advantage of market dislocations as well as changes to probability of default, and loss given default, through active portfolio management.

Assets under management: $19.4 billion (as of December 31, 2019)