CarVal Investors

CarVal Investors is a leading alternative investment manager focused on distressed and credit-intensive assets and market inefficiencies. It seeks opportunities in distressed credit markets and distressed assets. The firm seeks situations where it can readily identify value creation in a predictable timeframe and where it believes its core competencies and competitive advantages can convert into sustainable and attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Corporate Securities

CarVal manages investments in obligations of leveraged or financially troubled corporations by targeting mispriced or undervalued bonds, bank and corporate debt, trade claims, credit default swaps and debt and equity securities.

Loan Portfolios

CarVal seeks investments on behalf of its distressed debt funds in portfolios of loans sold by banks and other financial institutions. The loan Portfolios team manages investments in consumer, residential, commercial, and industrial whole loan portfolios from a variety of sellers, including large financial institutions and small community banks. The loan Portfolios team is also very focused on real estate mezzanine debt deals.

Structured Credit

CarVal's structured credit investments include residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities, collateralized loan obligations, and other asset-backed securities primarily in the U.S. and Western Europe.

Hard Assets

CarVal uses its core competencies, skills and methods to identify new asset categories for investment. These opportunities have included aviation assets, offshore vessels, oil and gas rights, debt and equity in power projects, ships and other hard assets

Assets under management: $10 billion (as of December 31, 2019)