Carrhae Capital

Carrhae Capital is a specialist fund manager that offers investment products both in hedge fund and long-only formats. The firm boasts a proven record across cycles based on fundamental investing in the highly inefficient emerging equities. It invests in a broad range of highly liquid companies that are unique, mispriced, or offer secular growth in under-penetrated sectors.


Carrhae Capital’s Long / Short Hedge Fund

  • Carrhae Capital’s Long / Short Fund aims to generate absolute returns by investing in our best ideas with dynamic portfolio and risk management.
  • Manages a low-net that is achieved through dynamic portfolio and risk management
  • Absolute return with low volatility

Carrhae Capital’s Long Fund

  • Carrhae Capital’s Long Fund is benchmark agnostic and focused on alpha capture by investing in the best ideas.
  • Manages a concentrated portfolio focused purely on generating alpha and is benchmark agnostic
  • Index out-performance with market volatility