Founding Date

Backpack Exchange is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange and multi-chain wallet. Backpack is the all-in-one Web3 wallet behind Mad Labs, the No.1 NFT collection by market cap on Solana. The exchange boasts impressive trading metrics, including ultra-fast order placement and cancellation times. It incorporates a novel zero-knowledge proof of reserves, Multi-Party Computation (MPC) for custody, and low latency order execution, while also securing licenses in several jurisdictions worldwide and establishing premium fiat on and off ramps for users.


  • As of February 2024, Backpack is still in its early development stages.

  • They launched their first collection of xNFTs, "Mad Lads," in January 2024, which broke records and showcased the potential applications of xNFTs.

  • Recently, Backpack collaborated with Banxa, a global crypto on-ramp provider, for smoother crypto transactions, benefitting users in 130+ countries.

  • This collaboration aims to revolutionize digital asset transactions by offering users a seamless on- and off-ramp solution. 


  • Designed for xNFTs. eXecutable Non-Fungible Token. xNFTs are a new type of NFT with dynamic functionalities beyond just pictures, offering additional utilities, evolving characteristics, or the ability to interact with other applications.

  • Focuses on security and ease of use. Backpack aims to provide a user-friendly platform specifically for the safe management and interaction with xNFTs.


  • Secure storage and management. Backpack will allow users to securely store their xNFTs, manage collections, and view their properties and functions.

  • Seamless transactions. Users will be able to send, receive, and trade xNFTs within the app, potentially across various blockchain networks.

  • Interaction with xNFT utilities. The app may allow users to interact with the unique functionalities of their xNFTs, depending on their specific features.