ARS Investment Partners

ARS Investment Partners is a private investment firm that takes a high-conviction investing approach to generate absolute returns in all market environments. It focuses on macroeconomics to determine beneficiaries of capital flows, identify undervalued securities that stand to benefit, and structure a portfolio of our best ideas. ARS strategies are purposely designed to be effective individually, as well as in combination, to suit each client’s unique goals.


ARS Core Fixed Income Strategy

ARS seeks to earn an appropriate level of income consistent with capital preservation.

ARS Core Equity Strategy

ARS invests in high-quality companies with strong balance sheets and reasonable earnings growth.

ARS Focused All Cap Strategy

ARS seeks to identify the best-positioned and undervalued companies across market capitalization ranges and include investments characterized as growth and/or value in their orientation.

ARS Focused Small Cap Strategy

ARS believes market inefficiencies create mispricings and undervaluations, which can be substantial in smaller capitalization stocks.

ARS Multi-Strategy

ARS invests in proprietary and third-party-managed strategies.

ARS Tactical Asset Allocation Balanced Strategy

ARS draws elements from its Core Equity, All Cap, and Core Fixed Income strategies to generate returns while reducing volatility and downside risk.

ARS Tactical Sector Allocation ETF Strategy

ARS provides a strategy that more closely tracks the benchmarks with limited turnover.