Alger is a pioneer of growth-style investment management. It provides institutional investors and financial advisors access to an array of growth equity separate accounts, mutual funds, and privately offered investment vehicles. Alger's fundamental, bottom-up research process is designed to get the analysts'​ best ideas into the portfolio. It conducts thorough research and takes into consideration both quantitative and qualitative data.


1. New Ideas

Analysts identify companies experiencing positive dynamic change in their sectors and regions to generate potential investment ideas

2. Analysis

Analysts perform in-depth company analysis to develop a differentiated view supported by detailed financial models and stets-tested for a range of potential outcomes

3. Dialogue

Analysts present their ideas to portfolio managers and have their investment thesis and assumptions challenged

4. Construction

Portfolio managers construct portfolios of the highest conviction ideas while managing risk

5. Monitoring

Risks are collaboratively managed by analysts, portfolio managers, the Director of Quantitative and Risk Management, and compliance