42 Macro

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42 Macro is a leading financial company that specializes in macro risk management. It aims to help clients enhance their risk management processes and prepare their portfolios for changing market narratives. The firm conducts institutional-grade research and delivers timely, data-driven signals to guide clients in proactively managing their portfolios. Ultimately, 42 Macro provides key macroeconomic forecasts and prioritizes clients' investment requirements.


Leadoff Morning Note

42 Macro provides a daily morning email summarizing the latest macro developments in the US and globally and their likely impact on financial markets, all supported by key timely data.

42 Macro provides up to 20 tactical ETF callouts across the major asset classes based on its macroeconomic research. It covers US Equities, DM Equities, EM Equities, Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities as well as Crypto.

Monthly Macro Scouting Report

42 Macro provides a comprehensive monthly presentation for both retail and institutional clients detailing its macroeconomic outlook, asset allocation model, and its aligned, highest conviction investment ideas.